Traditionally, the people living on the Greek Island of Crete have enjoyed exceptional good health and extraordinary long lives. This has been attributed to their diet, and one of the chief ingredients of the Cretan Diet, and the key secret to their long and healthy lives, is Cretan olive oil.

Made from the natural juice of the olive, this miracle golden liquid is truly a precious “elixir” of life, and helps the people of the Island of Crete maintain health and long life, and to call it a mere “oil” does it a great disservice. The naturally rich vitamin E content and antioxidant properties, with consequent anti-aging qualities that it contains, have been proven to be the secret to enjoying a long and healthy life.

But why stop at using this precious gift from the gods as a salad dressing?

Consuming olive oil has a profound and positive effect on you health and looks from the inside, with its anti-aging properties and benefits. But you can benefit from it on the outside too. It can make a positive difference to your skin and hair by using it in natural beauty products, and as a natural beauty product on its own.

Try these beauty tips for hair, nails and natural skincare.


Use it as a deep conditioning hair treatment. It’s great to use on damaged, coloured or over-processed hair and can really improve your hair’s condition. It’s also great for the scalp and can be good at getting rid of dandruff.

To treat your hair to this deep conditioning treatment, simply massage it into your scalp and through your hair. Use just regular oil for this, or you can infuse some with the herb rosemary which is good for dark hair. If you have fair hair, infuse some with chamomile for the perfect treatment for your colour.

After massaging into the hair and scalp, cover your hair with a shower cap, plastic bag, or some cling film, and leave it for about an hour.


If you’ve been overexposed to the elements such as the sun, wind or the cold, or whenever your skin seems extra dry, simply massage a small amount into your face and neck, using small circular motions.


A simple but very effective natural exfoliator can be made by mixing some olive oil with sugar and salt. This makes a brilliant body scrub and leaves your skin feeling silky soft.

Cuticles & Nails

It’s a great treatment for your finger nails and cuticles. Warm a small amount in a dish and soak your nails for a few minutes to leave your them in better condition and your cuticles softened before a manicure.

Hands & Feet

Any time your hands feel particularly dry and in need of some tender loving care, massage some olive oil into them before bed, put on white cotton gloves, and sleep with them on. Do the same with your feet, wearing socks to bed.

You’ll awake with the softest and smoothest hands and feet ever!


A wonderful natural remedy for soothing dry, chapped lips is to dab them with a little of this natural moisturiser.

Shaving Oil

Men can use it in place of shaving cream for their facial hair, (women too for legs and underarms). It’s really good for even the most sensitive skin.

Makeup Remover

This wonderful natural product makes a great make up remover and is brilliant at removing even stubborn mascara.

As an Ingredient

Olive oil is found in a wide range of beauty products and natural skincare ranges. You can find it as a natural ingredient in soap, hand creams, shampoos and body lotions. The Cretan variety especially is also used as the main ingredient in anti-aging, regenerating and anti-wrinkle creams. The anti-aging treatments are enriched with the legendary antioxidant and anti-aging properties of this miracle of nature.

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